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female gynecologist in istanbul abortion


Female gynecologist in istanbul abortion clinics

Our gynecologic clinic and our doctors regulated and accredited by the Ministry of Health .

Our gynecologic clinic offers comprehensive abortion care and advice. Our staff that is carefully chosen for their skill, training, experience, compassion and commitment to provide patients with safe and confidential abortion care.

All physicians at İstanbul abortion clinic  have been assessed by the SB as meeting all requirements necessary to provide abortion care to women
We are strongly committed to excellence and compassion and we have been rewarded with over whelmingly positive feedback, both from patients and the larger referral community.

Our clinic, female gynecologist Op.Dr.Nevra in Istanbul, recognize that our success is achieved through delivering high quality patient centred care.

Female gynocologist in İstanbul abortion clinic

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Pregnancy Termination İn Turkey


How is pregnancy termination performed?
Termination of pregnancy can be undertaken surgically or medically.
Surgical termination requires a brief anaesthetic (sedation) and usually is a single straightforward procedure to definitively remove the pregnancy.
This is done using suction curettage to gently remove all contents of the uterus.
Medical termination means that you take a combination of tablets and vaginal pessaries, allowing the woman to miscarry in her own home, which is usually over a period of approx. 72 hours, though the bleeding may go on for longer.
We provide aspiration method-surgical termination of pregnancy at İstanbul Mitera  Abortion Clinic

Pregnancy Termination Clinic İn İstanbul

Safe Abortion İn Turkey İstanbul

Safe Abortion İn İstanbul Clinics

The operating doctors at the İstanbul Mitera  Abortion Clinic are trained to undertake pregnancy termination using the best and most up to date surgical techniques. There are always at least 2 doctors looking after you during the procedure ,one doing the procedure and one to care for you while under sedation.
To prevent infection, we offer screening for every woman for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
 For women undergoing surgical termination of pregnancy, we administer antibiotics (orally and rectally) at the time of the procedure .
  We ask you to have complete pelvic rest for at least 1 week afterwards (no sex, tampons, swimming or sitting in water), so nothing should go into the vagina for at least a week having had the procedure.
 This reduces the risk of germs entering the cervix to cause infection.
 We don’t normally undertake blood testing at the time of termination, although we will check your Rhesus status which is a marker in your blood.  If you are Rhesus positive, no action is required.  If you are Rhesus negative, you will be given an injection of Anti-D antibodies to protect you in future pregnancies

Safe Abortion Clinics İn İstanbul

Abortion Fees İn Turkey

After Abortion
There will inevitably be some slight discomfort after the procedure, as the uterus  contracts down. This can be treated with simple medicines such as ibuprofen, naprosyn and/or paracetamol.
 There will also be some bleeding, though this shouldn’t be more than a period.
Sometimes the bleeding can start and stop over the 2 week recovery period, or there may be some slight continuous bleeding.
If you have any concerns about your experience after the procedure, and if what you are experiencing is normal, you can contact us on the on-call phone which the doctors carry 24/7.

Abortion Fees İn Turkey

Abortion İn Turkey

An abortion is the removal of a pregnancy and is often called termination of pregnancy”.
The procedure of termination of pregnancy  itself is a “dilatation and curettage” procedure, which means that the cervix  is gently opened with a series of dilators, and the contents of the uterus emptied through gentle suction and cleaning.
 The procedure is the same whether the pregnancy is viable (when you choose to terminate a pregnancy) or due to a missed miscarriage, where the embryo is no longer alive, and the womb needs to be cleaned out.
The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes during which time you are under sedation, so you don’t feel any pain or have any recollection of the actual procedure.

Abortion Clinics İn Turkey

is legal the abortion in Turkey

Prior to termination of pregnancy , abortion procedure ,we will perform an ultrasound scan, to check how many weeks pregnant you are, which determines which options are available to you.
We will explain the risks and benefits of both types of termination, and support you in your decision.  All  procedures have risks, and  medical termination of pregnancy can have complications, though they are slightly different from a surgical abortion.
 We do our utmost to prevent complications from happening, but inevitably, as with any medical procedure, there is always inherent risk.
İs abortion legal in Turkey? Yes, the abortion is legal in Turkey İstanbul until 10 weeks of pregnancy
Legal Abortion İn Turkey

Abortion Hospitals İn istanbul

Abortion or Termination of pregnancy  is very safe, provided it is accomplished by expert clinicians in appropriate facilities.
Surgical termination of pregnancy, aspiration method  is performed up to 10 weeks at the Mitera Abortion Clinic, Surgical termination is a definitive procedure, a suction curette, which is performed while you are under sedation, so you don’t feel pain or have a recollection of the procedure.Surgical termination is best performed between the 5-10 week pregnancy stage.

Medical termination is performed by assessment of you in the clinic, administration of tablets ( mifepristone or RU486) and then you go home to take further medication ( misoprostol) .
Miscarriage ensues, involving pain and bleeding, like a heavy period, at home.

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