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Abortion Hospitals İn istanbul

Abortion or Termination of pregnancy  is very safe, provided it is accomplished by expert clinicians in appropriate facilities.
Surgical termination of pregnancy, aspiration method  is performed up to 10 weeks at the Mitera Abortion Clinic, Surgical termination is a definitive procedure, a suction curette, which is performed while you are under sedation, so you don’t feel pain or have a recollection of the procedure.Surgical termination is best performed between the 5-10 week pregnancy stage.

Medical termination is performed by assessment of you in the clinic, administration of tablets ( mifepristone or RU486) and then you go home to take further medication ( misoprostol) .
Miscarriage ensues, involving pain and bleeding, like a heavy period, at home.

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Best Abortion Hospital İn İstanbul