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Abortion Laws İn Turkey


Abortion Laws İn Turkey İstanbul

Legal Abortion İn Turkey

In Turkey abortion legal limits are regulated by The Law on Population planning dated 1983 and Turkish Criminal Law dated 2004.
 According to this law, abortion limit is until the 10 th week of the pregnancy. According to the law on population planning dated 1983, abortion is permitted until the 10 th week without any conditions.

The limit is until the 10 th week in the permissive abortion, however if there is a disorder in the baby or fetal heart beats cannot be seen, pregnancy could be ended until the 24 th week, which is the limit of life.

If the parents do not want the baby, they should have an abortion as soon as possible, because the longer the pregnancy is, the more serious problems may get which may occur after the procedure.

If patient will be applied general anesthesia, she should not eat or drink for 5 hours