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Safe Abortion İn Turkey İstanbul

Safe Abortion İn İstanbul Clinics

The operating doctors at the İstanbul Mitera  Abortion Clinic are trained to undertake pregnancy termination using the best and most up to date surgical techniques. There are always at least 2 doctors looking after you during the procedure ,one doing the procedure and one to care for you while under sedation.
To prevent infection, we offer screening for every woman for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
 For women undergoing surgical termination of pregnancy, we administer antibiotics (orally and rectally) at the time of the procedure .
  We ask you to have complete pelvic rest for at least 1 week afterwards (no sex, tampons, swimming or sitting in water), so nothing should go into the vagina for at least a week having had the procedure.
 This reduces the risk of germs entering the cervix to cause infection.
 We don’t normally undertake blood testing at the time of termination, although we will check your Rhesus status which is a marker in your blood.  If you are Rhesus positive, no action is required.  If you are Rhesus negative, you will be given an injection of Anti-D antibodies to protect you in future pregnancies

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